Shipping and payment


We provide various shipping alternatives based on the destination country. Please check the chart below for transit periods and associated shipping costs applicable to your country. Once payment verification is completed, our warehouse initiates order processing within an average span of 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays. Subsequently, the shipment is handed over to the designated carrier, responsible for delivery as per the indicated timelines below, excluding weekends and public holidays. These timelines are provided for informational purposes solely, and we are unable to assume responsibility for extended delivery durations arising from carrier-related circumstances.
Austria3-7 WORKING DAYS6,90 €21,90 €
Belgium3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Bulgaria3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Croatia3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Cyprus3-7 WORKING DAYS21,90 €
Denmark3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Estonia3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Finland3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
France3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Germany3-7 WORKING DAYS6,90 €21,90 €
Greece3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Hungary3-7 WORKING DAYS7,90 €21,90 €
Ireland3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Italy3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Latvia3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Lithuania3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Luxembourg3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Malta3-7 WORKING DAYS21,90 €
Netherlands3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Poland3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Portugal3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Romania3-7 WORKING DAYS8,90 €21,90 €
Slovenia3-7 WORKING DAYS8,90 €21,90 €
Spain3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €
Sweden3-7 WORKING DAYS9,90 €21,90 €

❞ Please note that if you are located in remote areas, you can be extra charged for these areas. After this additional fee, shipping will be 19,90€, which is still much less than the real price of the shipment we will cover.


    You always have the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 days without giving any reason. To process a return, the items must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, and have all tags attached. Please be informed that products labeled as Final Sale are exempt from the return policy. The timeframe for withdrawal starts on the day of receiving the last item within your order. To learn more about our return process, kindly click here: MORE ABOUT RETURN.


    If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package will typically be returned to us by the carrier or the unintended recipient. Please double-check the address carefully when placing your order. For international orders in particular, ensure that the delivery information includes your full name (as in your Passport, National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), Foreign Identification Number (FIN), or equivalent) and a valid contact number to prevent the order being returned as undeliverable due to customs clearance issues.


Credit card payment (online)

Upon selecting credit card payment, you will be seamlessly redirected to the Secure platform for data input. If the transaction is authorized, the payment proceeds immediately and we can post your order the very next day. Please be assured that your card information is never handled by our staff. The entire procedure is conducted through the online banking system.

PaypalWhen you choose PayPal payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal page, where you will pay the amount for the order after logging in. Use your PayPal account to complete the payment. The package will be dispatched to the country specified in your PayPal account.
Apple PayApple Pay allows you to make easy, secure and private transactions in stores, apps and on the web.
Google PayYou simply pay using the payment card stored in your Google account.
Bank transferAfter finalizing your order, we will forward you the payment instructions, encompassing the account number and the unique variable code. Your order will be handled and dispatched as soon as we confirm receipt of the payment.


The variable code holds significant importance as it enables us to precisely associate the payment with the respective order.